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Popup ads Are Remove from Android Mobile, No tools Required

Android phones come with lots of great features and make your life much simpler because it is user-friendly.  But, what happens when your phone starts hanging with some disturbing popup ads. You start wondering what to do and this situation makes you irritate. It makes you so angry that you thought to throw your phone in the garbage. You have to call your loved ones but this popup ad makes unable to do.

Featured image popup ad

Don’t worry, Labasha has come out with simple tips and tricks which will make your phone works like a new one. This is very easy, you don’t need any software or antivirus hence can be easily done through your phone settings.

 Remove Popup ads from Android Mobile, No Tools Required.

But let me first show you what type of ad, I am talking about. Have a look at these irritating ads on your android phone.









  Is this type of ad you are facing on your android phone but this is just an example I know you come up with lots of ads. Now coming to the point, follow these steps in your Android settings and you are going to not face such annoying ads.
If you see closely on the top right-hand side of this ad you will see a small heading ” ads by Google” so this mean the ads are actually coming from Google Adsense.  So, How can you remove this and this is very simple further you have to follow a few steps.

What you have to do is just go to your settings

settings popup

and inside setting you will see Accounts. In the account, you have to select Google

accounts popup ads

Inside Google, you will see multiple options but you have to go to “Personal Info and Privacy”.

popup ads

Once the page load, you need to go to ad settings,

popup ads


when you click on this it will open a browser and in the browser, the ad setting page will appear. Now you will see ads personalization, further, you have to switch it off.

popup ads 3

 Another popup ads menu will appear and you have to click on ad choices.

popup ads4

Once you click on visit ad choices, this will open another page containing what type of ad enable on your phone. So basically you have to uncheck all the ad and website from where you get all the popup ads.

popup ads 5

wait for sometime to fully load the page, as soon as the page loaded then you have to opt out from all the companies. Next page, click on Make your choices and wait for the page to load.


popup ads 6

once it is loaded choose all companies and it says requesting opt out. This means you have requested website for not showing the popup ads on your phone.

popup ads 7

finally, click on continue and come back to your home screen and restart your phone.


I hope this is going to short out your problem of Popup ads coming to your phone.

Thanks for your support and don’t forget to share your friends.

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Android Phone

Android Phone Mistakes You Should Never Do In Your Smart Phone

Many people in this technical world using android phones and always face some problems in their handset. This is because you always try to use settings that are not appropriate for your android phone. If you like to run your phone smartly avoid some settings and never try to do so.

Featured image of Android phone

Labasha is going to introduce 10 mistakes you should never

do on

your android phone.

Let’s check out these tips:

1.  Installing Apps from Unknown Sources

 Installing apps from unknown sources

Many of you try to download an app from Google Play Store but when you failed to do so, you open your browser and search for some app from an untrusted website. This website can contain a malicious file which can harm your android phone and further track your personal records. There are lots of apps available on Google Play Store to download and which is more secure from the others so I simply recommend you to download the app from Google Play store.

2. Killing Apps From Recent Apps Menu

Kill unwanted app in your android phone

This action is most common among us and many people often do it always on their Android phones. You always open your recent menu and kill apps instantly swiping right to left or scrolling up and down. This process can harm your android phones and further lead to slow down your phone. There is no need to kill recent app because Android system is smartly made an operating system and can increase the RAM process on its own and can manage the memory of your android phone also. So, avoid killing apps from the recent apps menu which will make your phone run better without any problems.

3. Using an Antivirus Software

Antivirus software for your mobile

When you buy a new branded phone you always worried about the security of the Android phone. So, you install an antivirus on your Android phone. But, let me tell you, there is no need for antivirus on your Android phone because it slows our phone processes and makes RAM to work slow. If You are downloading any apps from the Google play store there is no need for antivirus because all apps on the Google play store is trusted and verified.

4. Using Battery Saver

Battery saver app saves battery of your cell phone

You always worried about your battery and install different types of battery savers apps on your android phones. Let me tell you what these battery savers do on your android phone. It simply kills your recent apps without your knowledge and it turns off the GPS to save some battery on your android phones. There are lots of things battery savers do on your phone further it reduces your battery life because this app always works in the background and slow down your phone. Therefore, instead of using these apps do it manually from settings.

5.Installing Fake Apps

Fake Apps installation

There are lots of apps which are fake, I mean to say that if your Android phone does not have any finger scanning hardware facility and you search for those types of fake apps.  Finger scanning apps come in your search box but you should think about it if there is no hardware associated with your Android phone, how these apps can do scanning? These apps will simply slow down your phone with lots of ads, so just avoid these types of fake apps.

6.Clearing Cache Memory

Clear Cache memory of phone to run it faster

You always like to have your phone storage best and you use such apps which can clear your cache memory. But let me tell you first, the cache memory is the memory when you searched for any file or document on your google search engine. The searched data stored in your phone storage as cache memory. This cache is stored because when you again search for those topics your phone will not download such data again. There will be no load on your android phone and your phone will run smoothly. So, there is no need to download such apps for your smartphones. If you are willing to clean your storage do it manually from your settings.

7.Trusting  Fake Messages

Do not trust any Fake message on phone

You see some fake messages on your WhatsApp, that if you download this app you will get some free talk time. So ignore them because these types of messages are only for promoting their website. You are not going to get any extra talk time because they are making fool of you. The apps you are downloading is not from a trusted website and can contain a malicious file.

8. Rooting without Knowing

Rooting your phone without exact information

If you have knowledge regarding rooting and you know what to do after rooting, it’s good. But, if you don’t have any knowledge, don’t do it because rooting your phone is not the solution to your problem. It may destroy your android OS system. It opens all source of your phone settings and any malicious file can attack your system file without any knowledge. So, before rooting your handset, better do hard research regarding it.

9. Ignoring App Permissions

Allow of App Permission

You know about permissions related to your android phones. If you install any app on your android phone it asks you to grant some permissions. There are so many fake apps if you installed on your phone asking to grant permission to your media storage, GPS location, etc.  let me give you an example- when I was installing an app named “Torch” it was asking some permission related to my location, now this app didn’t need any location at all so I deny. I would like to recommend you, before giving any permission to these type of apps. Checkout, what type of permission it is asking to you.

10. Restart Your Android Phone

Restarting your android phone always after use

You always work on your Android phone continuously, but to make the phone run smoothly,  you should restart your phone daily for 5 min. This would make your phone run like a jet and you will be able to work without any problems.

I hope these tips will make your phone run smoothly, Stay tuned for more updates.

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