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13 New Invention That Most people Doesn’t Know Actually Exist.

To make our daily life routine easier technology is expanding like a wave with some unique invention. You always buy some unique and precious items for your kitchen, bedroom and more places inside your home. Today, people are so busy that they don’t have time to cook and they simply order some food from a restaurant. But, for how many days one can daily eat junk food which is most harmful to one’s health.

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So, Labasha is introducing some innovation which will make your life

a little bit easier and comfortable.

 Scroll Down to Explore these life Hacks Inventions.

 1. Finger guard for Vegetable Cutter, try it for once

Invention of Finger Gaurd


Now, no need to worry about your finger during onion slice because finger guard will protect your finger from a cut.

2. TV remote with Opener, two in one fun

Invention of TV remote with opener


I know you will definitely want to buy this remote because you never want to ruin that epic match with some beer.

3. Self Locking Bicycle- Lock your bicycle anywhere

Invention of self locking bicycle


This bicycle is awesome for a guy who bears a bicycle from his pocket money.

4. Chewing gum box with Dustbin- you chew and throw in the dustbin

Invention of Chewing Gum with Recycle bin

Now, you don’t have to throw your chewing gum on the roadside. Just chew and further dump them to the trash can.

5. Suitcase Scooter- be ready for a ride

Invention of Suitcase scooter


Pack your clothes and run with your suitcase to take your flight. Omg, are you getting late? so, make your suitcase a scooter.

6. An invention of Rucksack Bike-Feel free to travel anywhere

Invention of Rucksack bicycle


Walk as long as you can and when you get tired, use your Rucksack Bike for comfort.

7. Earbuds with Rewind Function- Use it and fold it

Invention of rewind earbuds


Now, there is no need to carry those long wire earphone because you can fold this earbud like a pro.

8. Multifunctional cooler- Your picnic is going to be awesome

Invention of multi functional cooler

Sunday picnic is going to be cool with this multifunctional cooler which has a phone charger, a bottle opener and a blender.

9.Glass Holder Plates in a unique way

Invention of Glass holder plates


A plate with a glass holding feature is invented to make your party awesome hence try at least for once.

10. Portable seat to seat anywhere at any place

Invention of Portable Seat

There is no seat for you, don’t worry,  have this and further enjoy your moment anywhere.

11. Bluetooth wallet makes your life secure

Invention of Bluetooth Wallet


There is a Bluetooth installed in this wallet which will alert when your purse is stolen or you forget somewhere.

12. Water bottle Can make your plant go green

Invention of Water Bottle Can

Now, no need for those long rubber pipe therefore simply use this water bottle can for your plant.

13. Pendrive with Passcode now no can steal your personal data

Invention of Pendrive passcode


No one is going to see your private documents, video or photos because it is possible you can lock your pen drive with some secret codes.


These are the list of Invention made for your sake and further makes your life much better. Use these items in your daily life.

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