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Popup ads Are Remove from Android Mobile, No tools Required

Android phones come with lots of great features and make your life much simpler because it is user-friendly.  But, what happens when your phone starts hanging with some disturbing popup ads. You start wondering what to do and this situation makes you irritate. It makes you so angry that you thought to throw your phone in the garbage. You have to call your loved ones but this popup ad makes unable to do.

Featured image popup ad

Don’t worry, Labasha has come out with simple tips and tricks which will make your phone works like a new one. This is very easy, you don’t need any software or antivirus hence can be easily done through your phone settings.

 Remove Popup ads from Android Mobile, No Tools Required.

But let me first show you what type of ad, I am talking about. Have a look at these irritating ads on your android phone.









  Is this type of ad you are facing on your android phone but this is just an example I know you come up with lots of ads. Now coming to the point, follow these steps in your Android settings and you are going to not face such annoying ads.
If you see closely on the top right-hand side of this ad you will see a small heading ” ads by Google” so this mean the ads are actually coming from Google Adsense.  So, How can you remove this and this is very simple further you have to follow a few steps.

What you have to do is just go to your settings

settings popup

and inside setting you will see Accounts. In the account, you have to select Google

accounts popup ads

Inside Google, you will see multiple options but you have to go to “Personal Info and Privacy”.

popup ads

Once the page load, you need to go to ad settings,

popup ads


when you click on this it will open a browser and in the browser, the ad setting page will appear. Now you will see ads personalization, further, you have to switch it off.

popup ads 3

 Another popup ads menu will appear and you have to click on ad choices.

popup ads4

Once you click on visit ad choices, this will open another page containing what type of ad enable on your phone. So basically you have to uncheck all the ad and website from where you get all the popup ads.

popup ads 5

wait for sometime to fully load the page, as soon as the page loaded then you have to opt out from all the companies. Next page, click on Make your choices and wait for the page to load.


popup ads 6

once it is loaded choose all companies and it says requesting opt out. This means you have requested website for not showing the popup ads on your phone.

popup ads 7

finally, click on continue and come back to your home screen and restart your phone.


I hope this is going to short out your problem of Popup ads coming to your phone.

Thanks for your support and don’t forget to share your friends.

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