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The SEO Keywords Importance- WordPress Tutorial Chapter-3

In the previous chapter, I have talked about “How to write an SEO optimized Articles Step by step for beginners“. I hope, that article is more enough to understand the basics of writing SEO optimized articles. You are now able to write quality content with good SEO. If you have not gone through the above article or you are new to this tutorial I recommend you to go through the previous article. Because basics are the key to success. Now, not wasting too much time, let’s explore the SEO keywords importance in a post.

The SEO Keywords Importance 

let’s start with the basics, first, we will know,

  • What are keywords?

The Keywords are the phrases or group of words that people search for in the search engine. For example, if you search for a topic like ” how to make a cake” in Goole search engine the keyword will be “make a cake”. or you can make the whole sentence as your keyword. You have understood the meaning of keywords and now let see its importance in the post.

Have you ever asked yourself why posts are ranked in the search engine and posts are getting too much traffic? The answer should be hidden in your post or you had done something good with your post.


The reason behind this question is that the keywords you used in your post have been searched by many users.

I know one question always occurred in your mind, who is behind all this scenario who ranked my post?

Then let me tell you there is a machine(algorithm of Google) who crawl your posts and pages and ranks them on the basis of SEO done by you.

You can check your post ranking in the search engine’s results page(SERP), just go to your Semrush account and see which keyword you are ranking. Give your website’s address in the search and look for the same.

Keywords have two categories i.e.

1. Short Tail SEO Keywords– These are the keywords of not more than three words.

  • For example, Popup ads, Make a free website, WordPress Tutorial

2. Long Tail SEO Keywords– These keywords are usually 3 or more words.

  • For example- Create a free mobile app, make a free website earn money

Long tail keywords are more beneficial for the beginners and help in ranking at the top of the search engine.

How to do SEO keywords research?

This question is important and I know you are here to know about the real facts related to it. Keywords are the real key to your blog posts which open a door of ranking. There are so many tools available online through which you can do keywords research. Some of them are paid version and some of them free of cost. first of all, I will talk about the free version of the available tools.

Google Keyword Planner

This is totally free and provided by our search engine Google. First of all, you have to make an account in Google AdWords and sign in with your Gmail account. When you sign in to your Google AdWords account there is an option of tools further click on it and then click on Keyword Planner.

Enter the keyword and check out the search volume of the keywords as shown in the images.

Keyword( by relevance)– It indicates the keywords that you have search for in the search box.

Average monthly searches indicate the number of searches done by the user in a month.

Competition tab indicates the competition level of the keywords which is low in my searches. Low-level competition is best for the ranking in the search engine for a newbie.

Here is a video which will help you step by step for Google Keyword Planner, have a look.


Now coming to the paid version of the keyword research tools, there are too many tools available in this digital marketing world. But I will talk about the best keyword research that I have ever found and that is Semrush.

Semrush Keyword research tools show the number of monthly searches and also allows you to have a look at why your competitor is ranking and for which keyword.

Use of Semrush

It helps in finding the Organic search volume as you can see in the image. The volume below the organic search displays the total number of search done by the user through the search engine, therefore, it is called organic search.

Phrase match keywords show the related keywords search by the users. You can also select your keywords from ” Phrase Match keywords ” if the search volume is high in this section.

Therefore, if you are willing to use the paid version of the keyword research tool just go for the Semrush as it is the most user-friendly and easy to use.

I know you are thinking that why I have talked about the two products only because  I believe only to the point answer and these two keywords planner are more enough to do the research.

There are so many things you have to do in this blogging era so why to waste too much time. Just work on the main points because the Internet is like an Ocean, the more you go inside the more you get the new things to know.


Now, this tutorial has reached its end and if you have any query related to this article comment below in the comment section for the related issue.

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