WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org: Explained With Details

WordPress.com and WordPress.org have now become familiar with all of us. Are you ready to start your first journey of Blogging? But got stuck in choosing the right platform for start? First time I also got stuck in choosing the right platform for my blog. But now, I am clear about WordPress.com and WordPress.org and decided to share my knowledge with you. So not wasting too much time lets start.

Which Blog Platform to Use-WordPress.com Or WordPress.org

1.The WordPress Platform

Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little decided to create a new platform in the field of blogging. In 2003, Matt announced the new version of WordPress. The users like it and appreciate their work. This WordPress was based on b2 cafe log with some extra features and improvements. This version includes new templates, new user interface and generated XHTML 1.1 compatible template.

WordPress.com is the platform for those who want to create their personal blog website. However, If you are going to make it for fun or personal journey blog further, you can use blog spot, WordPress.com etc. they are free of cost and user-friendly in use.

When you have decided to earn some money from your website or to promote your business, you have to choose some standard platform. WordPress.org is best for business purpose and It is a self-hosted platform.

The two essential things you should know about WordPress so that you can choose the right platform for yourself to start.

a. WordPress Theme

Nowadays, there is too much competition in this blogging era, but the biggest challenge for any developer is to provide a good design. And further, WordPress has stood in front of all community with good design and themes templates. These themes are free of cost and easy to download.

If you would like to enhance your site performance by look and design. You can buy the premium version of the theme. These themes are easy to customize. Today WordPress has become so popular because of its simplicity and easy to access. You can create your favourite website from a click. There is no need for any coding knowledge. There are lots of free themes available in its customization settings.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are the backbone of WordPress which makes the customization of a blog or website easier. There are lots of plugins are available. Some of them are paid version and some are free of cost. You can use this plugin to make your blog look awesome.

There are plugins like grid generator, non-amp view, Yoast Plugin (which is the best plugin for SEO). There is numerous plugin due to which one can easily get confused which plugins to use. But I will suggest you choose the only plugins for your need.

You can download it directly from the directory or any companies. Then you have to know the most essential plugins for your website. Further, I will tell you about the essential plugins for your blog.

Now, let me tell you the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is good for what?

1. This is good for those who like to start his/her personal blog journey.

2. Companies who need some space to advertise their product online is best for them.

WordPress.com is not good for what?

  1. This is not good for the one who is willing to earn money online.
  2. And if you are willing to use ad network like Google Adsense, Infolinks, etc then forget
  3. This is not good for the one who is willing to create an affiliate blog.

WordPress.org is good or you can say best for you because you are making the website for earning some cash. The small business can promote its products and moreover make a profit from it. There are lots of tools available and it provides with CMS( Content Management System) through which you can create awesome articles and content.

Here you can use Adsense, Infolinks, etc for more earnings. You can customize your content from a click. You can create a bog website, online store and lots of websites. However, You can customize themes for your website.

You can simply download a file from WordPress.org and install it on your personal hosting platform. In the next article, I will tell you ” How you can Install WordPress.org from local server to Online serve?

One more thing I will like to tell you about WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

In WordPress.com you cannot keep your personal domain name for example, if my website name is https://labasha.com. If I will make my website on WordPress.com then my domain name will be https://labasha.wordpress.com. However, there will be no copyright claim you can make on your article because your whole article will be own by WordPress.com.

In WordPress.org you are free from everything. You don’t have to think about the privacy and the rights of your content. However, You can take your own domain name.

I hope your all problems regarding WordPress.com and WordPress.org have got a solution. If not then comment below in the comment section, I will help you out.

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Make a free website

Make a free Website and Earn Money Online- Step By Step(With Pictures)

Make a free website and earn money online is not a joke, it’s a reality. Because today I am going to describe you step by step information to create your own website free of cost. Make a free website and earn a lot you have never earn before. You have to read this article at last so that you can able to create an awesome free website.

Labasha” is going to solve your problem during the creation of a free



Follow these steps to make a free Website.

  1. First of all, you have to select a domain name for your website. Here is the link from where you can get a free Domain name for one 1 year (www.freenom.com). Click on this link and the home page of Freenom will appear. Search for your preferred Domain name in the Check Availability box.

Freenom Make a free website

  • Once you check your Domain name a new window will appear.

Now here you have to select domain name as shown in the figure. These all Domains are of free of cost, further select a domain and click on get it now. At the top, there is an option of checkout so click on that and you are on next platform.

Domain- make a free website

In this window, click on the period and select your preferred months of services. After that, click on the “Use Your Own DNS” tab and leave this page as it is shown.

Freenom- make a website free

  • Hosting For 1 year Free, free, free

Now, you have to buy hosting for your website and let me tell you there is a hosting provider who provides services free of cost for one year. Click on this link (www.000webhost.com) and the homepage of 000webhost will open as shown in the image. Just scroll down and click on” Get free web hosting” Tab.

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In this window fill out the signup form by providing your details and most important provide your domain name at “website name” column. Open your Gmail Account and verify the email sent by the 000webhosting. Once you are done go to your C panel of 000webhosting. Copy the nameservers from managing your Domain and paste it into the Freenom ” Use Your own DNS” where you have left before.


Proceed to check out and buy your domain finally. After that, go to your C panel of web hosting for further execution. On the homepage of your C panel click on the Manage Website tab.


  • WordPress Install

A new window will appear and in this window, you have to install WordPress. When you click on install WordPress a new window will appear asking ‘Admin User Name’ and ‘Admin Password. Provide all the details correctly because this will be your login id and password for WordPress.

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WordPress installation first stage

One thing I want to tell you that as you know 000web hosting is a free web hosting service provider so your site will go into sleep mode for one hour daily. But there is no need to worry, just use this hosting for learning and you can further upgrade to the premium version as provided by VapourHost at a cheap price. You can earn money after a few months by applying for Google Adsense.


But first, you have to learn how to make a free website with perfection so you have to concentrate only on making a website. You will learn further which I will talk in my next article. Now coming to the point, go to your WordPress login panel by clicking on go to the configuration tab. Enter your User Name and password for login to WordPress dashboard.


WordPress dashboard

You have completed all the things needed for creating a website. Now, you have to create a good looking website through WordPress which I will teach you in my next Article”WordPress tutorial Step by Step for Beginners- 2018 Chapter 1.”

If you have any query, comment below in the comment section.

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