Windows 10 Tips and Tricks To Make Your PC Run Like A Jet

Windows 10 is one of the best and user-friendly operating system of all the time. However, you can’t deny the performance of the operating system based on your hardware configuration. If your hardware does not update according to Operating system, it might be difficult for your system to run with stability. There are lots of things to do with Windows 10 to make the system run in a flow. This Windows 10 tips and tricks are going to take you to the next level of the Computer world.

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Labasha is going to point out some useful Windows 10 Tips and

tricks you can do to enhance its performance.

1. Maximize your CPU Performance

There is an option of “Plugged in” present in your Notebook or PC setting that you like to escalate for better performance. It is further present in the power option tab situated in the setting.


a) Right click start button or you can use shortcut key (windows key+X)

b) A window will appear further move to power options menu.

c) Click on the High-Performance Radio Button.

Points to remember: The changes made above may lead to charge battery quickly.

2. Pin File Explorer Searches to Start Menu

This feature of Windows 10 is awesome because it has the ability to save searches. just look at the figure, it shows the all doc document saved in a folder. You all have so many doc files saved on your system but this is only a basic search. However, it will be more easy and convenient if you pin file explorer searches to start menu.


a)Open-File Explorer

b)Move to your user’s folder

c) Navigate to Searches Subfolder

d) right click the saved search

e) Pin it to Start Menu

3. Switch from Bing

Microsoft has inbuilt feature Cortana and Microsoft Edge browser both use Bing as default search engine. You can further force Cortana to use another search engine such as Google but first, you have to change your default browser.

If your default browser is Firefox Cortana must be using Google Search. If your browser is chrome, you have to install an Extention named “Chrometana” and make it as the default browser. This Windows 10 tips and tricks are awesome features of the Cortana.

4. Limit Cortana’s Searches

You can change the search behaviour of Cortana by limiting its parameters of the search done by itself in Windows 10. For example, if you don’t like to search Cortana the whole internet, you can further reduce its searchability through few steps.

a) Click the Cortana search box

b) click on the setting on the left side of popup menu

c) There is a setting that indicates search online and includes web results

Switch it Off and further Cortana will not display any web search

5. Windows 10 tips and tricks for One Drive Fetch Tool

Microsoft has awarded a feature called one drive cloud that is free of cost. But a feature of it which is known as fetch can add some extra knowledge.

Steps to activate:

a) Right click on One drive Icon

b) A popup menu will appear, click on settings

c) In this new window, navigate to the settings tab

d) Tick mark the second column

e) press OK button.

6. Change the Storage Type for New Software Install

When you boot your system for the first time, you make “C/” drive permanently for store data. There is a function in Windows 10, further, you can change the permission of new software installation to a new location. So, you can make that drive permanently storage for the new apps. These will not give lots of pressure on the root drive.


a) Click on the Start Button menu

b) Click on All Apps Tab

c) Then Settings

d) Navigate to system

e) A new window will appear as shown in the figure, change the default location for the apps from the storage tab.

7. Create a shortcut folder for Your Prefered Apps

You always open your favourite apps from the Start Menu but, isn’t good for you to have a shortcut menu in front of the desktop. So that you can easily access your doc or apps.

Let’s figure out, how this is done?

a) Open My Computer

b) Double Click on C drive

c) Navigate to Program Folder

In Program Folder, you can create subfolder which will appear in Start Menu from where you can easily access your file. You can attach any type of software or apps in Start Menu by creating a subfolder in this folder.

8. Remove Windows.old from C drive

You have upgraded your windows from the older version to the newer one. But, when you open your C drive a folder is there named “Windows. Old” that is useless. If you select it and press delete button it won’t get deleted.  Further, you have to follow just simple steps to delete this folder.


a) Double-click My Computer

b) Navigate to C drive

c) Right-click on the folder ” Windows. Old”, a popup menu will appear

d) Click on the properties menu, a new window will appear

e) Click the Disk Cleanup and further click the cleanup system files tab and press OK button.

9. Create Multiple Places to Send Files

When you try to send a file to menu item list, Right-Click on the file and a popup menu will appear. In this popup menu, there is an option to send the file to the specific menu item.

10. Snap Assist Function in Windows 10 tips and tricks

Many users are familiar with this function of Windows 10, where you can drag window to another side that makes window half of the screen.  However, many of you are not aware of this function of Windows 10, have a look at the image.

I hope these Windows 10 tips and tricks will make your pc run better. Further, don’t forget to share with your friend.

That’s all.

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