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WordPress Tutorial Step by Step For Beginners- 2018 Chapter-1

As I have talked earlier about “Make a free website and earn money online“, in this article you will learn about WordPress tutorial. As you know, if you like to post an article related to your Niche, WordPress is the platform from where you can edit or publish anything you like. Therefore not wasting too much time let me tell you all process and instructions related to WordPress Tutorial.

Wordpress Tutorial

 Scroll Down and have fun with WordPress Tutorial.

In the previous article, you have learnt ” How to install WordPress” and login to the Dashboard. Now come and see what are the tabs, settings and their functions step by step. The WordPress tutorial free instruction will open a new door to your blogging career.

  • WordPress Dashboard

WordPress dashboard is the platform from where you can create awesome stuff for your website. There is a Welcome to WordPress section at the top of the page. You can easily access anything from there. If you are unable to see Welcome to WordPress, just go to screen options on your right side corner and then tick mark on Welcome.

1. At a glance: In this section, you will see the number of posts you have posted, the number of pages and comments and other activities.

2. Quick Draft: This section is used to create and draft the post you like to post further. But, I will recommend you to use the Add New post section for creating an awesome article with lots of variation. Because Quick draft section has very fewer features for modification of article.

3. Activity: This section shows your recent post and comments on your website.

4. WordPress News: Here you can see the latest news regarding WordPress.

Just look at your left side, there is a list of the navigation bar that you can access from there.

WordPress settings


You will find this setting in your navigation bar on your left side. These are the basics settings of WordPress you should know.

  1. General: In General setting change your main URL, the time zone of your country and some short description of your website.
  2. Writing: Change your default category and post format and if you like to submit a post by Email, you can configure here.
  3. Reading: In the reading section, you can keep your website homepage as you like. If you like to show the latest post on the homepage or simply a static page, you can edit from here. You can further change a number of blogs to be shown on the homepage. Change the format of your post by selecting the full post or just a summary column.
  4. Discussion: In this segment, you can arrange settings of comments but you can move further with the default setting.
  5. Media: This section is for uploading images to your posts and adjust image sizes and its attribute.
  6. Permalinks: Change URL structure of posts posted on the website.

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Post Your Post- WordPress

Wordpress Tutorial

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WordPress is user-friendly and easy to create awesome stuff with its ultimate features. Look at the process of posting a new post through the post section.

  • To create your first post, you have to click on the Add New tab in the post section. You will be directed to the dashboard of creating a post. There you will find the Visual and Text tab consequently. Let me tell you in detail, the Visual view tab shows the same text as you publish to your website. and Text tab shows the HTML text of the content.
  • At the above, there is a toolbox containing many features such as Bold, Italic, text colour, etc. for customisation of the post to look awesome. Add Media tab is for adding images to your post.


Publish your post

  • At your right side, there is a tab of “Save as Draft” here you can save your post at any time. But there is no need to do so because it automatically saves the post.
  • when you click on Preview tab it will show the preview of the post created.
  • At visibility section, you can modify page by selecting public view or stick this post to the front page. You can further make it password protected and private.
  • Revision tab shows the number of time you have drafted your post for the number of times.
  • In Public Immediately tab you can edit date and time of publishing. At the downward, there is a tab named “Category and Tags.

In the category tab, write a name related to your post, for example, if I am writing a post related to the android phone I will select a name Android phone.

Featured Image: Featured image function is used to set an image for the post which will show on the top of the post. You should always apply a featured image to your post. So, it looks awesome and makes a good presence among the users.

Now, friend, I know you are able to write your first post with good enthusiasm. So, don’t waste your time and start writing your first post. If you face any problem regarding anything you can comment below for assistance.

This is not the ending of WordPress Tutorial, it is just the beginningI am dividing this session by chapter wise so that you will be able to understand WordPress Tutorial lessons easily.

If you are a new user and eager to start from the beginning, you shall go through this article first.

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