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SEO Optimized Articles Step by Step For Beginners

There is the best way to get more traffics to your website, but how? Let me tell you a most preferred trick, make your older and newer post search engine friendly. How can you make your posts search engine friendly? I know, this question is occurring in your mind. Today Labasha is going to tell you all facts related to SEO optimized Articles so that your articles always work as search engine friendly.

Sometimes your article quality can lower due to the lack of knowledge related to that topic. Every blog post is equivalent to web pages and you can further optimize with particular keywords. When writing SEO optimized articles there is some point you should keep in mind always. For keyword research, you can use tools like Semrush, Google Adwords and Google Trends.

SEO optimized articles

SEO Optimized Articles Step By Step For Beginners

1.Post Title

  • The post title is the title of your blog post hence you have to select some catchy title so that readers are forced to read.
  • Title length should not exceed 66 words as it is very good from SEO’s perspective.
Note: Try to write a title starting with your keyword but it is compulsory to have the keyword in the title.

2. Meta Description

Meta description seo optimized articles

  • Give a short description in the Meta box and it shows how the search engine shows your post in the search engine.
  • Write a description in not more than 156 words and remember to add a keyword. It should be catchy enough so that users get forced to click.

If you have forgotten to add meta description to your posts earlier, before writing a New Post do it first. It is very important to give meta description. Got to your previously written posts and add meta description to all the posts. Meta descriptions help in creating more traffic to your website.

Google Bot sees every post or article as a webpage so your post can be rank for patent keywords.

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Permalinks seo optimized articles

  • Permalink is the link to the post that is shown on the title bar of the browser.
  • It should not contain any stop words.

For example, I am writing a post with the title ” 5 ways to do SEO optimization.”

Then my post permalink by default will be,


To” and “Do” are the stops words.

  • Click on edit and further remove the stop words and write ” 5 ways SEO optimization“.
Note- When you have published your post hence never try to change the permalink.

4. Heading Section

heading seo optimized articles

  • First, start with a good introduction regarding your post topic so that readers get interested in further reading.
  • At the introduction, must use your keywords
  • After that write a heading again and mark them heading 1 from the drop-down menu as shown in the image.
  • Keywords quantity should be 0.25% to 0.75%
  • use Heading 4 for the subheading
  • Make some words Bold and Italic that you think is an important word for the article.

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5. Upload an image

Add Media seo optimized articles

  • Your post should contain images of high quality because Google indexed high-quality images.
  • For uploading an image, click on Add Media tab and a new window appears.
  • Click on upload files tab
  • You can drop files directly to the upload section or just click on select files and select the image from your hard drive.
  • Then, click on “insert into post”.

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5. Image Alt Attribute for SEO optimized articles

Alt Attribute setting for images

  • Upload an image and click on it
  • At the upper side of the image list of the menu appear
  • click on Pen icon and a new window appears as shown in the image
  • Write image name in the Alternative Text containing keywords and remember to give name related to the image.
  • Because Google doesn’t read images.

example- if it is a cake image, write “cake and keywords“( keywords may be anything which you have made).

  • You can change the position of the image through Align option just below the Alternative Text
  • In Advance options column write the same tagline as used above.

Internal Link

Internal link setting

  • The internal link is another factor which plays an important role in SEO and lessens the bounce rate of the users.
  • An internal link is a link to your older post
  • Add your post to this post so that the readers spend more time on your website.
  • Click on the insert/edit link(Present in the toolbar) to add an internal link as shown in the image.

Let me inform through the comment in the comment section below if you have any problem regarding all this stuff.

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